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Island’s Chippy Restaurant is famous for only one thing – delicious food! We offer mouthwatering traditional fish with chips on the side for a lip-smacking meal. The restaurant offers an option to sit and sip to get your yummy meals packed for an outing.

We at Island’s Chippy make fresh food with organic ingredients carefully picked for our customers. We take every care to ensure hygiene in the preparation of the food. Our extensive fish menu includes irresistible Linguistine, scrumptious Calamari, and appetizing Salmon.

The traditional way to enjoy fish and chips at our restaurant is to add a few drops of vinegar and salt. Bring your friends, neighbors, and family along for a delightful and memorable evening to add to the enjoyment. Whether it is a special celebration or an office meeting, our restaurant has an ambiance to match all occasions.

Freshest Tastiest Meal

The seafood at “Island’s Chippy” is always fresh and caught in nearby waters. Content highlighting the qualities of Island’s chippy’s fresh seafood is presented below.

Our Menu
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A Variety of Ways

  • Fried, Grilled or Crumbed
  • Options for seafood lovers
  • Fish Bites & Prawns
  • Crispy, freshly cooked chips and scallops
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